Missing function for quota management


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Dear friends of Mailwizz,
we congratulate you as always for your excellent work, it's fantastic!

Using the application in depth, especially as regards the management of our customers, we have noticed that the software already provides the possibility to set personalized sending thresholds based on the purchase order made by the customer.

It is already possible to set sending limits based both on time thresholds (days, months, years) and on the maximum quantity of emails that can be sent in the defined time frame.

It would be very useful for us if we could integrate a condition that does the following (we bring you a real example in order to understand more precisely):

we have defined a six-month usage fee (6 months) with the customer by setting a maximum monthly sending limit of 100,000 emails.

If the user at the monthly threshold has consumed the maximum sending credit (of 100k emails) he can continue to send email but the surplus we would like it to be displayed separately or in another field.

At the end of the 6 months, the customer must receive a six-month subscription renewal communication and at the same time the cumulative quantity of emails sent beyond the threshold.

Summarizing the example, what we would like essentially is that the condition of both the monthly sending limit and the time limit of the subscription are simultaneously met. Allowing the user to still be able to send over the allowed monthly threshold, and we to be able to view it to understand the surplus.

I remain available for further clarification in case I had not been clear in the explanation.

Thanks as always and good job !!


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@Groundarker - thank you for the kind words, appreciated it :)
Related to your request, we'll take a look and see if we can do something about it. Our current thing is that we spend so much time working on 2.0 and keeping up with 1.x that we are not sure when we can integrate such a change like the one you request. We try to please all our customers but we also have to stay realistic and follow our roadmap.
So at least let me check all this and see if it's even possible with the current setup, and if it is, to give you at least a relative ballpark estimate to when we'll be able to look into it.


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@twisted1919 thank you for the wonderful work you have done and are still carrying out!
Don't worry, we understand very well what it means to work on one project and in the meantime take care of another at the same time. You are already doing a great job, so we just have to hope that it is feasible.

So many good things to you and all your dear team!