Is there any way to Show Costumer Quota remaining on his Dashboard

pradeep sharma

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Hi Everyone.. @twisted1919

I want to show Customer Quota Left on his Dash Board Based on the plan he is opted for.
I have created various plans like
Based on Per Month Subscription like (email quota expires earch day & Reset next day)
1. 100 Send Each day for 1$/per Month
2. 500 Send Each day for 2$ per Month
3. 1000 Send Each day for 3 $ per Month
4. 5000 Send Each day for 10$ per Month

so on

Based on Total Credit Purchased.( validity never expires 1 Credit = 1 email send)

1. 1000 Credit for 5 $ (just an example)
2. 10000 Credit for 10 $
3. 50000 Credit for 35 $
so on
I want to Show both type of Quota (email credit Available on customer account) in his Bucket or Profile to his Dash Board.

Moreover i founds that when even a customer quota expires or limit reached the Campaign Stops and no error or notification is displayed to the customer.

I want to achieve this functionality. Can any help me in setting up this scenario)

I have used some email cleaning services and used application of some local ESP in india they have this feature in their application

Can we do this with Mailwizz.




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I don't really see how you'd do this in the current way mailwizz works with regards to quotas and price plans/groups...
I stated earlier that i try tio improve this area overall, we're just not there yet.