For sale: Mailwizz Adstation API extension


1) It means instead of your subject/email body it will send out subject/email body which you got from adstation

2) No idea about performance it is more question for adstation support or email marketers using it


Ok, so let's say the would be e.g. list 1M.

What does 'email sent by adstation' mean? Is it a mail sent by mailwizz including links that are referring to adstation ads?

Then further, how much per 'click'?
And finally, how much per 'lead'?
(Does it depend on the offer? And if so, what are usual numbers...min/avg/max?)

Thx ;)


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We at CodingDesignStudio are happy to share GREAT NEWS with you!

We released Mailwizz Adstation API extension!

That is right, you can now install extension in 5 clicks, input api info and you are ready to mail your Adstation powered campaigns via MailWizz!

Price is $1000 per domain. Paypal/Payoneer/Paxum.

Please contact us over skype: ipoli263 or email: if you have pre-sale questions or you are ready to buy :)


Where is my percentage of the sales? :)