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I have been a MailWizz user for a number of years and have found it to be great for my needs.

I have one installation on a Apache/Linux VPS server running PHP 8.0.17 with MySQL -10.3.34 MariaDB.

A few days ago (7th April) I was setting up a new campaign and found that there was an error in connecting to the “File Manager” through either campaign/template or Email Templates/File Manager both with the same message “Unable to connect with the backend. HTTP error 0” ( see attachments )

The only thing that I am aware of affecting the installation after the last use of templates/File Manager was upgrading to 2.1.7 from 2.1.5 on the 14th March which went without any hitch.

I have checked that file permissions are still set to those that you show in the Knowledge Base, checked that CKeditor was still enabled and also ran a check through Cpanel that there were not any problems with the DB. Seeing that v2.1.9 had been released I updated to that in the hope the problem would be fixed - update successful - problem still there.

Have rechecked file permissions and DB and also looked at the logs to no avail.

Your help/wisdom is requested, thanks.


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Are you able to open the developer tools in your browser and inspect the AJAX call to the file manager and see if you spot any issue there?
Otherwise, please open a support ticket and include backend url and login to your app and also FTP access so we can take a look.