Fatal error: ....DeliveryServerInboxroadWebApi.php on line 0

Jeroen Verschoor

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Hi all,

recently I've upgraded from 1.9.x to the most recent version 2.1.14. All went very well, but so far I can see one item returns a 500-error: 'backend >> servers >> delivery servers' gives me a blank page and returns a 500 with the following error:

Fatal error: Declaration of DeliveryServerInboxroadWebApi::sendEmail(array $params = Array) must be compatible with DeliveryServer::sendEmail(array $params = Array): array in /var/www/vhosts/vriendenenzo.nl/em.vriendenenzo.nl/apps/common/models/DeliveryServerInboxroadWebApi.php on line 0

All my emails stay on status 'unsent', my cron jobs are running correctly: is this also because of the above?

Who can assist me in solving the above?
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@Jeroen Verschoor - This is how the file looks like on our end:
Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 15.59.26.png
Which is exactly as the file complaints it is not.

So my hunch is that somehow, this file was not overwritten when you did the update. Can you double check and make sure you upload this file from the archive and that it overwrites the one from your server?

Jeroen Verschoor

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Thank you for your reply twisted.
There were indeed 132 files which were not overwritten, this because of permissions which were not set to the user. some files were own by 'root' instead of the user logged in. Using chown the correct user was set on the files which were owned by 'root' and files are now overwritten.

All looks fine now :)