Emails going to Spam and Junk mail need help!


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I was wondering if I could get some insight on what we could do to help get our emails landing in the inbox more rather than spam or junk. Aslo any help with a higher deliverability /open rate? We seem to be having a lot more emails going to junk/spam than we do going to the potential client's Inbox. Probably more than 60% of our emails go to spam or junk.

Even when we send out a few test emails to our own inbox ( outlook) they seem to go to junk. Would love to hear some suggestions on what we can do to help get our percentage of emails delivered to inboxes higher than it is now. Or are we just playing the numbers game, meaning we will always have a low deliverability rate while sending to Gmail, outlook, yahoo, based on how they are always changing how they read spam? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!
You need to set up dkim, spf, dmarc. The user must also activate the subscription. And when he signs, display a message: "If you did not find our letter, check your spam folder. If it is there, check the "not spam" box next to the letter."
The DKIM, SPF, and Dmarc have been set up properly I believe. I think I understand what you mean when saying "If you did not find our letter, check your spam folder. If it is there, check the "not spam" box next to the letter."

We have done that several times where we have sent test emails to ourselves on certain campaigns and we still seem to be getting emails in our spam folder. Even when we say " this email, is not spam" Some emails are going through but we are noticing that on our mail whiz metrics, a very high % of emails do not seem to make it in the inbox.

Is it just one of those mysteries about email marketing knowing we may never get a 90% deliverability rate, or is that possible? If It is possible does anyone have any ideas or insights on what we need to do to get more of our emails in the inbox?
Spam filters can respond to certain words if they are present in the header or body of the email. I try to avoid using the following words (they were found by experience, and I do not guarantee that this is the correct list)


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Let me ask the forum this question. What are reasonable deliverability and open rates when sending out 1k cold emails?