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Ron Burchell

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I am implementing Subscribe / Unsubscribe on our News Letter and Website.
On the Subscribe side when an email address is already on the list the user is redirected to the update profile page,
1) Where do I edit to change where the user is redirected to, maybe I will create a new page.
2) Where can I find the Edit Profile page to remove unwanted fields.

Another question, I've styling the subscription form with another design. Then when I try to submit with empty field it return back to this error original form. How can I make it return to the form that I've styled?


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I've styling the subscription form with another design.
I assume you style the embed form from your website and when you submit the form, it directs you to this form above.
In this case, your best bet is to add the style for the above form as well or use the API to create a custom form, which is actually the best way.
Other than “status” success, are there other statuses? (e.g. failed) – It will be good to have the list of expected responses from the API
  1. The document does not provide the list of responses for reference.


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