Clicking "login as customer" takes me to a login page where i have to enter email and password


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I am very new to Mailwizz and I'm going through setting up everything and testing out the sending of emails, etc..

My company sends out a lot of eblasts on behalf of our clients. In a year we probably have 100-150 clients sending us HTML files where we send out an eblast for them. Right now we just do everything through iContact so its just 1 username and password and its easy.

But with Mailwizz, I want every client to have its own account. So we can upload individual lists for each client and if someone unsubs from that client, it only affects them and not the rest of our clients. (which is the downside of how we do it today in iContact, its 1 big unsub list, so if 1 client has a bad email, the rest suffer).

That being said, I thought Mailwizz was the perfect solution for us since we can login as our customers. But when I do that, it just kicks me out to the login page where you have to enter in the email address and password for that client. I mean, I could just start creating hundreds of fake emails on my companies domain so i can login and use the same password for each login... but I'd rather not. Its seems so much easier to just be able to login seamlessly for that customer.

Is that not possible?


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@tmscanlan - I just tested on our dev and it's working correctly. Can you confirm you are following these steps? Backend > Customers > From table you click on option button and click Login as customer?
Also this customer is active one ?


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That's exact what I'm doing. Yes its active, its my other account I've been sending test emails from under a different email login