Autoresponder Parallel Campaigns


QUICK QUESTION: in cron settings, I have "parallel campaigns" set to "1". I just want to make sure this doesn't effect autoresponders.


Let's say I have 300 subscribers on list "A". 150 of these subscribers need to get autoresponder #1 that triggers 24 hours after they get added. 150 of these subscribers need to get autresponder #2 that triggers 48 hours after they got added.

Additionally there are 300 subscribers on list "B". 150 need to get list B's autoresponder #1, and 150 need to get list B's autoresponder #2.

Question: when the "send-campaigns" cron runs, will all 600 emails be sent from the autoresponders? Or will only 150 be processed from "one" of the autoresponder campaigns?

I'm hoping with autoresponders, all of them will be sent with 1 run of the cron.

Let me know if anyone has experience with this? Thank you!


HI @laurentiu - yes I understand these. I'm specifically asking about AUTORESPONDER campaigns. Not regular campaigns. Check my example above, and let me know if autoresponders are processed the same way as regular campaigns... if you can. Thank you! :)



Staff member
@eggerda - The number of parallel campaigns set to 1 will not affect you in any way. As long as the number pof campaigns at once is >= than the number of active campaigns from your system, then mailwizz can process them just fine.
Then, if you see a slowdown, you can switch to process autoresponders separately from regular campaigns and get a boost in sending, but you do that only if it's needed, not before.