Asset manager WITHOUT CKEditor


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We have an in-house email design team who are coding email templates for campaigns. These guys don't need nor do they want to have CK Editor enabled on the edit screen, because it tends to mangle code sometimes and it's just more trouble than it's worth. The problem is, when CK Editor is disabled, they lose the ability to upload image assets to use in the campaign. Is there some other way or extension to allow file uploads to the server without enabling CK Editor? Interspire supported this no problem, so I was surprised to see that I couldn't do it in Mailwizz (Or at least couldn't figure it out)
If you upload the template via the upload feature, then ckeditor will not touch it, so that might be an option.
As you noted, if you disable the ckeditor extension, you lose control to the file manager, but you could as well just upload the assets externally and use them like that.
All this as a temporary solution, we don't have a real workaround right now.
Sure, but sometimes they want to tweak the HTML and re-uploading is a pain when they could much more easily just edit the template in Mailwizz directly.

We have gone the server access / SFTP upload route for now, but would be nice to have a very simple file manager as an extension/option in Mailwizz. I guess this is officially a Feature Request now since I know it's not currently possible.
FYI - Today we implemented the ability to disable only the editor (ckeditor) and keep the file manager.
Also the file manager will now appear in both backend and customer area, under the Email templates menu so you can access it at any time.