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    URL in custom field not converted to tracking domain

    I have a field called [DOMAIN] that i add to emails. When it is converted to it is not being tracked. I've also tried putting it into the HTML like the below and the link works but still not being converted. My Mailwizz version is a few version behind but has this bene fixed in...
  2. P

    Can't set tracking link

    I have a support ticket open on this, but figured I'd bring it up here in case of any experienced users have any ideas. If I get an answer from the ticket first, I'll publish it here. I can't set a tracking link. The cname is set and even loads my MW installation in a browser. I moved the...
  3. S

    Tracking link protocols other than http

    Hi, I'm trying to track the click of a link which sends to tel protocol other than HTTP. <a href="tel:0000000000">0000000000</a> Googled it for a couple of hours and couldn't find the answer. Hoping someone here knows how to solve this :)