tracking domain

  1. P

    Can't set tracking link

    I have a support ticket open on this, but figured I'd bring it up here in case of any experienced users have any ideas. If I get an answer from the ticket first, I'll publish it here. I can't set a tracking link. The cname is set and even loads my MW installation in a browser. I moved the...
  2. J

    Tracking Domain

    Im self-hosting on cpanel with MW on public_html root directory. I have CNAME on sending domain with "tracking" pointing to host but it does not resolve to mw when i go to I continue to get the cgi default error page. I also host another app on this host but it is in...
  3. Y

    Do I have to Set Up Tracking Domain?

    So unless im understanding wrong, we dont have to set up our own tracking domain but we will still have tracking just using the URL mailwizz is installed with? I tried to set it up using a different domain but I could not get it to work but if tracking still works I will just skip it. Please if...
  4. ed08724

    tracking domain

    I searched through forums but couldn't find a solution that fits. I have CNAME setup on trackdomain to trk.trackdomain CNAME I have mailwizz setup at and tracking domain it passed the setup test and CNAME was setup over 48 hours a go. sent test...
  5. R

    facing problem with tracking domain

    I moved mailwizz to new server with taking proper backup of database and mailwizz files. Now, i am trying to add a new tracking domain but it is showing an error. suppose my mailwizz is installed on domain and i have many tracking domains in it like, and so...