1. O


    Where do you get your email template themes from?
  2. CodersEden

    CodersEden Launch Opportunity

    CodersEden is a marketplace for Developers and Designers including premium digital goods from WordPress Themes and PHP scripts to Bootstrap HTML and photoshop/sketch full design projects to increase the time saving and save money on development or design process. * Would you love to share our...
  3. Torsten Högel

    General Question about Theming

    Hey there, I've seen the Landon demo Frontend theme and looked a bit into it but had some trouble understanding how to move the whole thing into a Customer theme ... Is there some Demo for Customer theme or a exported standard design to change more easily? I wanted to implement the...
  4. J

    Custom Theme for v.1.5.1

    Hi everyone! I've been using MailWizz for only about a week now and so far it's amazing, great job!! I wanted to know if there's a custom theme for the new version just to get idea of how to change the layout or pages? I tried installing Landon, but activated it and didn't notice any changes...
  5. S

    theme support

    hi all can someone please help me with theme, because i dont seems to find any. There are plugins available for mailwizz but no themes. if there are no themes available in store, then please suggest me some tutorials or support documentation so that i can see if we can create one for our use...