template gallery

  1. Blake Bridge

    I have a custom template library for sale

    Hi all mailwizzers I have a unique template library for sale. Its 18 custom designed , drag n drop templates built with the drag n drop extension code canyon. I'm asking 500 usd (PayPal or payoner) for the entire library. If you run an email marketing company and want to offer well crafted...
  2. Blake Bridge

    Designer to create 18 Toggle Builder Tempates

    Hello, Im an ESP looking to develop 18 high quality templates for my clients to use when building campaigns. These templates were originally built three years ago for use in Sendy but now that I am moving the service to Mailwizz we must recreate these templates. Here is the link to the current...
  3. D

    Email Template Gallery Categories

    Hello, I like to know in the future will there be categories added to the Email Template Gallery for instance have a category named Sales Templates, Announcement Templates, Newsletter Templates, Educational Templates for just a few. This will help our clients and ourselves focus on a category...
  4. R

    What is the Physical Path to Template Gallery Folder

    Hello Everyone, Soon as I installed one new template earlier, the gallery view stopped working. So, I cannot delete from the admin panel. I, therefore, need to physically remove the template from my server but I have so far been unable to locate its directory. I did find the following folder...