1. P

    Security issue: Spam over /index.php/lists/XYZ/subscribe

    Hi, we have spam issues over a certain URL because it allows direct POST-Requests. The system has the ability to create subscribe forms. All these forms post their data to this URL: "/index.php/lists/XYZ/subscribe". The issue with that is, that bots easily mass-post email addresses to that URL...
  2. M

    Is my sender an open relay?

    Hi everyone! I was thinking the other day - how can I exactly know if my SMTP is prone to any sort of vulnerabilities, as considerable as being an open relay? After some digging I ran into the suggestion to use telnet IP 25. However, I am not sure if its exact purpose is to check whether the...
  3. ElJefe

    Is file mode 777 really necessary?

    I ran the command-line script to chmod the following folders to 777. /apps/common/config /apps/common/runtime /backend/assets/cache /customer/assets/cache /frontend/assets/cache /frontend/assets/files /frontend/assets/gallery /apps/extensions Is it really necessary for them to be 777, though...
  4. Colt405

    Application Log Events and Software Security Recommendations

    I assume the exceptions are errors that the system can't resolve the request. That being said, what page is causing this flag and do i need to worry about these hits? I know that external port scans and attacks occur, is there a way to know what URL/Page they are trying to access on the MailWizz...
  5. Ankit

    2-Factor Verification Extension

    Any plan on adding this as new extension in Mailwizz Marketplace?