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    Increase Segment Criteria from 3

    It possible to increase the number of segments from 3?
  2. N

    Send duplicate eMails in one List

    I have a list with clients where they have different accounts, that mean 1. Email adress but 5x Notifications, its like duplicate, but i want send them 5 emails. each for each account, how to do? grz Patryk
  3. O

    After uploading multiple lists how would you ensure contacts are only in one list?

    Currently I have several contacts in multiple lists but they should only ever be in one list at one time. What is the best to way to sort this?
  4. V

    automatic scheduling

    Hi @twisted1919 i have a question, i want every morning to scheudle lets assume 10 campaigns, i would like to mailwizz to send one after another, but i dont want to sit all day and hit resume when a campaing is finished just to send one in a time. i scheduled them all for the same time, and...