mailwizz 1.9.13

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    Unable to Filter Data, It Won't Shows Any Data Lists > All Subscribers > Filter

    Hi Team, I want to create a list from Filter Results 30 Days Openers or Clickers, But it won't show any result... I have update Mailwizz to 1.9.13
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    ENABLING 'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true, Shows 500 Error

    Hi Team, When I enable the below parameter on apps/common/config/main-custom.php Then App Shows 500 error... 'params' => array( 'email.custom.header.prefix' => '' 'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true, '' =>...
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    List Processing | Segmentation | Filtration Shows 500 Error

    H Team, We have 16 GB RAM SSD cloud Server, I have updated php.ini file with maximum RAM settings, But still shows error... And Sometimes when I Filter list with 60 Days openers and 30 Days openers and Create list of it, Then it Create a Autogenerated list but Data will not reflect in