1. Pankaj Singh

    MailGun Remove SMTP Password from 1st NOV 2021

    News is "The Coming Domains API Change To Remove The SMTP Password On November 1, 2021" Would it possible if my Auto-responder sending(using MailGun Web APi) stopped working on NOV 21 ?
  2. Douglas Shrader

    Need Help setting up cname redirects.

    Hello, i need someone who can set up cname redirects in the tracking domain area plus more work in maillwhiz. Please get me on skype at dougshrader71 if interested.
  3. T

    New install, with Mandrill, not sending out Campaigns, help please.

    Hi, So I've just gone through the set-up procedure and it all went pretty flawlessly (so I thought) but when I create a campaign to send to a list of 4 people (test list/testcampaign) the status of that campaign is stuck on 'pending-sending' I've tried this a couple of times now. I've gone...