1. M

    Unable to delete delivery logs in the backend

    I noticed there's no option to delete delivery logs in the backend. Just to confirm, I want to delete all the logs, not just the errors. On top of that, in Cron/Delivery Settings, I set the Delete delivery logs setting to Yes and Removal days to 10. That was done many months ago. Yet, the...
  2. M

    Failed to create cache directory /tmp/ hash

    Anyone had this issue before? None of my emails send. All say "Giveup" and then cite the reason to be "Failed to create cache directory /tmp/" followed by hash. BTW, how can we delete the campaign delivery logs in the backend? I set Delivery servers logs removal days on 7 but the logs keep...
  3. M

    Delivery logs for the deleted segment

    Hi there, I had to delete a segment in my list. When I did that, all the campaigns in my campaign list that sent to that segment disappeared. That was expected. But, I also noticed that the logs of the emails sent to that segment in Campaign Delivery Logs in the backend also vanished. I was...
  4. A

    Delivery logs Not getting deleted

    Hi, I have set to remove deliver logs after 1 day but when I see deliver logs table in phpmyadmin it still have some 30gb of data. I even ran the delete delivery log cron. It just run for a second and does not do anything. Any suggestion here
  5. ElJefe

    How do you find the Amazon SES response?

    I posted a question in the Amazon SES forums after some recent oddities, and one of the mods asked for an SES message ID: "You can find the SES message ID in the response that SES returns to the sender when it successfully accepts an email for delivery." However, I can't seem to find out how to...
  6. E

    How to trace or log from within an extension

    Hi, I want to Yii::trace() or Yii::log() from within an extension, how would I do that? Should I add something to apps/common/config/main.php? Should the logged lines appear in apps/common/runtime?
  7. M

    Delete Old Logs

    Hey Guys im really struggling to delete logs that are killing my server space. Any methods I could use would be greatly appreciated