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    CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23000

    HI, I am facing this error after migration when I am creating a new list. please tell me the solution.
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    How to Remove Duplicates Subscribers from our total Mailwizz Panel Data?

    Hi Team, I would like to remove duplicate subscribers from our global mailwizz panel data and make each list and subscriber database unique.
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    Unable to Filter Data, It Won't Shows Any Data Lists > All Subscribers > Filter

    Hi Team, I want to create a list from Filter Results 30 Days Openers or Clickers, But it won't show any result... I have update Mailwizz to 1.9.13
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    How to Add Auto-Increment Custom Field to List

    Hi Team, I want to add auto-increment Custom Field to List. If i add subscribers email to list then it will auto-provide increment number respective to the particular email... Example shows below: EMAIL Auto- Increment-Score-Field 1 2 3
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    ExitPopUp listbuilding html code

    Dear community, after i ask the developer twisted 3x and i get not ask you. I hope i get from you a answer?? its a very, very important question! How can i use mailwizz with exit popup plugin thrive Leads, optimizepress, ninja popups etc. too listbuilding in wordpress??? How...