1. Chris Falkenstein

    What's this frontend business?

    Hi all, I'm slowly trying to learn the ins and out of MailWizz. Admittedly it's a bit rough when there really isn't ample documentation and response times here are kinda slow. Okay anyway... So what is the frontend of MailWizz? I installed MailWizz on a subdomain thinking MailWizz is...
  2. adamx

    New Frontend Page

    I've been trying and searching still I need to ask here... From backend > settings > start-pages... how do you use that for frontend? I've been trying to add a new frontend page but nothing, no matter what I write in "route" a new page, accessible in the frontend, won't be made. Am I missing...
  3. P

    Custom Tags

    Hi, I am trying to create a certain variety of footers. I am doing this with custom tags as it seems the most logical way of doing it. Though, I'm encountering a missing feature. Why don't you enable html/css in custom tags? Also media attach engines? It would be great if this was possible the...