1. twisted1919

    Hooks documentation website

    Hello everyone, In an effort to make MailWizz internals available to developers in order to build more awesome stuff on top of the platform or to extend it in new directions, @ghimes has created a website dedicated to MailWizz hooks so you can see all the hooks (actions and filters) available...
  2. T

    Need some urgent inputs on scheduler

    Hi would really appreciate if someone could guide us with this, how to do the following- 1. Email drip campaign - series of emails to be sent to new subscribers before they start receiving the regular weekly reports. So this would be 5 separate emails with a filter based on the signup date...
  3. sendizo

    MailWizz Email Original Header

    Hello guys, hope you all doing good. Email Content Filters checks the the full message including header. I know From name, From email, subject, domain, urls, X-Static-Headers, behaviour...etc can cause deliverability problems some filtering and rejection. It was in my understanding that if i...