1. Z

    command line (cli) export process being killed by the server

    I'm exporting a list of 200.000 addresses via cli. I'm using the following code: php -q /FOLDER_REMOVE/public_html/apps/console/console.php listexport --list_uid=REMOVE --folder_path=/FOLDER_REMOVE/ --verbose=1 however, whenever the file is close to 25%, the export process is killed by the...
  2. P

    List Export results in tiny corrupted ZIP file

    Hi, Has anyone had this problem? We are on version 1.5.1. waiting for the next version with the slow sending fixed before we upgrade. We tried exporting one of our average sized subscriber lists of 45,000 names using the List Tool for exporting to CSV. We opened the specific list we wanted and...
  3. P

    Set Max export file size to 50000 NOT batch size

    HI, When I go to export a list to CSV I see this note: The exporter runs in batches of 50000 subscribers per file with a pause of 1 seconds between the batches, therefore the export process might take a while depending on your list size and number of subscribers to export. I don't know where...
  4. P

    Export list in larger batches?

    Hi I've carefully segmented all the subscribers that opened most of our emails in the past few weeks. This resumes to a total of around 90,000. These are distributed in two different list in our mailwizz account. When I export them I encounter two problems: 1. The comma separated files have a...
  5. bidorbuy

    Interspire Users: How did you migrate?

    To be honest, Interspire is a piece of junk and I am glad that we are moving over to Mailwizz. Has anyone here been able to find a quicker/better way to export contacts from Interspire? Even a simple contact list of 80,000 subscribers will take close to an hour to export (about 100 subscribers...