export data

  1. P

    Campaign Stats export

    Hi, I'm unable to export my campaign basic stats in bulk doing: Campaigns > Campaigns > select IDs > Export basic stats. When doing so I'm redirected to a page where raw stats are displayed (see image attached). It work when trying to export stats for less than 20 campaign but bot for more...
  2. Fabyc

    How to export all stats in only one file?

    Hi everyone, When I view campaign reports, I can export (to CSV) only on type of info of campaign. I mean: basic report for overview of campaign, export "Top clicked links" (View all clicks, view latest clicks), export "Latest clicked links" (View all clicks, view latest clicks), export...
  3. S

    difference in unique open display and export count

    Hi I have a application installed and running an autoresponder campaign.. in campaign overview it says 29.461% unique open that comes to 3388 count But when i export unique open than in excel it shows only 1800 records.. can @twisted1919 help in this pls or am i doing some thing wrong..
  4. M

    Export data excluding blacklist and bounces

    Is there a way hen im exporting a list it removes the bounces & opt outs? Right now when I export a list whats happening is that the whole list is including optouts and bounces are being exported.