email template

  1. J

    Email Template

    for the life of me I can not figure out how to up load pictures and also toggle to the drag and drop. Anyone able to help me with this? Thank You Jay
  2. S

    Can I modify available tags?

    Can I modify the tag {COMPANY FULL ADDRESS}from YES to NO? When I select a email template,it always reminder me errors: The following tags are required but were not found in your content: [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS]
  3. Lim

    Customer Email Templates Editor Issue

    Hi, at client Dashboard > Email templates > Create new the "Content *" part need to press "save" button only show out the Editor and email template not inside, how to fix?
  4. CodeSquared

    Drag and Drop Email Template Editor

    Hi All, We have recently developed a email template editor for the code canyon market, which comes with a normal email template but most importantly the builder can be used with any older templates as well just by adding few identifying classes to the html code. We thought to share this info...