drag and drop editor

  1. P

    Add custom font to email editor

    How could I add a custom form to be used in the email template editor? Can I use ttf, or I have to use CSS? Im interested in josefine font, I got the ttf files from google, but I have no clue about what to do with this... Thanks!
  2. D

    How to Update the Default EMail Editor?

    Hi Team, Is there any way to update default mailer which is supported by Gmail..
  3. Blake Bridge

    Designer to create 18 Toggle Builder Tempates

    Hello, Im an ESP looking to develop 18 high quality templates for my clients to use when building campaigns. These templates were originally built three years ago for use in Sendy but now that I am moving the service to Mailwizz we must recreate these templates. Here is the link to the current...
  4. M

    Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz base on unlayerd

    We have an emailmarketig service based on mailwizz. After a while, we realized default editor haven't our desired power and features. Hence we had searched for available embeddable Drag-n-Drop and found unlayer.com (demo) (Note that some popular companies use this service.) Key Features...
  5. R

    Problem with built in drag and drop editor

    I have found an issue with the drag and drop editor. If you create a new template and add an Image and Caption block, edit it and change the settings to 2 images. Add images and text and click save and close. Then do the same again with a new Image and Caption block below ( in the same content...
  6. fabyc

    Mailwizz drag and drop builder doesn't work for editing elements when template is saved

    Hi I'm testing Mailwizz drag and drop template builder and it doesn't work for editing elements when template is saved, I mean, first time I add an element, it is possible to update it, then, when I save it and I want to update the element again, I only have a blank page (on the right side)...
  7. JFOC

    Drag and Drop Editor

    Hi @twisted1919 , I have questions: In the drag and drop editor on the text block, or header block. We can change the column into two column. But only able to edit the text at second column, or I can edit the first column also? thank you