1. Blake Bridge

    Customer Suppression vs Customer Blacklist

    Hello, I want to make it possible for new customer to upload their own blacklist, which do you recommend keeping in the left menu for use? If I keep suppression, will then it only be an option to suppress those addresses when sending a campaign? Thanks Suppression Create your own suppression...
  2. Ludovic

    How customer can send with their own email address?

    I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed but I can not find clear answers. In the case of using MailWizz in SAAS, what is the procedure for the end customer to use his own sender email address? According to my tests for now, even if the address is changed during the...
  3. Torsten Högel

    Show email on customer layout

    Hey there, I wanted to embed Intercom into the customer layout. I used the code: <?php echo ($fullName = Yii::app()->customer->getModel()->getFullName()) ? CHtml::encode($fullName) : Yii::t('app', 'Welcome');?> for inputting the name into the variable, but I can't seem to get the email shown...
  4. I

    Multiple Customer Users

    Hi, How are you fellow Mailwizzards? I was wondering if there is a way to give a customer multiple users to access the customer panel to manage lists and campaigns. I have not found such functionality, but maybe there is a workaround I am currently missing. Thanks!
  5. I

    Customer's extension: Modify list-update's view

    Greetings, Im working on an extension and trying to modify the list-update's view, what's the name of the hook for that? or how can i make it work? Thanks in advance!
  6. S

    Autoresponder to Customer in Backend

    Hello, we would like to send Autoresponder Mails to our customers. Is there any possibility to send automated mails in backend except of Customer > Mass Mail? Mails like after registration, subscription or to customers who didn't open a newsletter and so on... or can we somehow transfer all...
  7. D

    API for list based on registration

    I am looking for a way by which we can send the newly registered people to a certain list made in my customer account, so I can send them marketing e-mails. When we get a new customer to register for the app, they are automatically added to the list that is specified in the API, so the unique...
  8. N

    How to do apply pricing plans to front end side with customer registration

    Hi, We have one tricky requirement. we need to implement price plans at front-end side with customer registration. Actually we have tried this by moving backend's customer controller to front end side but this did not help us. its giving 500 error at getPaymentHandler(). payment method handler...
  9. R

    Campaign email for customers uses Amazon SES email

    I set up mailwizz with Amazon SES and anytime a customer sets up a campaign regardless of the mail from: it just uses the verified email on Amazon. Did I misconfigure something?
  10. Ian Rodrigues

    Change the theme of customer area

    Hello, does anyone have a step by step how to completely change the layout of the client area? I would like to apply a layout that bought on Themeforest.
  11. potschops

    Customer edit messages affairs

    Hello friends, it is possible that clients can edit the subject of confirmation of subscription? For example, the default is "Please confirm your subscription", but I wonder if they can modify both to their own language, add text depending on the type of campaign, etc.
  12. D

    Help required from any users?

    Hi all, MailWizz is great. I have the PDF customer manual but as usual with these things, it's a bit of a lot to take in for people who want to use the system - if you're not too technically minded that is! What I want to is put together a little knowledgebase type area on our website so people...
  13. Man

    No customers

    I am using this scrip just for me, no customers. Do I need to register myself as a customer? It seems like all the input fields require a customer input.