1. Torsten Högel

    Idea for Importing csv or text files

    Hey there, I got a bit of Feedback and one of the most requested Feedback from my Customers was the ability to have a bit more advanced Importer tool like this: Upload File > Showing the first rows and giving the user the ability to make the rows via some Dropdowns the appropriate Field like...
  2. S

    How to import email address using CSV

    I have setup mailwizz on a shared server. Was trying to import email address for the campaign but not finding a place to where import it. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. bancomail

    Issue during CSV Import with default values

    Hello, I have an issue with CSV import and default values. Basically, MailWizz is not updating contacts custom fields with the default values when these values are not defined in my csv (and I can't do this, otherwise I would overwrite those already filled). I need this to create a new...
  4. Henry

    Importing the same csv twice

    As I'm sure many of you will agree, customers primarily exist to drive us nuts. Case in point: customer provides me with a spreadsheet containing lots of fields, 3 of which are email, first name, and last name. As expected, he wants them imported to MW. I ask him, "Any other fields from this...
  5. rritz

    csv import problem

    Hi, I am trying to import a list in csv format, but I always get the same error: Cannot find the "email" column in your file! This is what I tried: 1. Leave file as is Email,"First name","Last name" xxxxx@gmail.com,Dexxk,Haxxey yyyy@gmail.com,yyyyl,yyyyy zzz@att.net,Azzzz,Azzz 2. Separate...
  6. João

    The CSRF token is invalid...

    I can not import CSV files. I get the following message: The CSRF token is invalid