1. S

    cPanel/WHM Issues with MailWizz - How To Fix

    Hey, I've had a few issues with getting MailWizz working properly on a server that has cPanel/WHM installed. Below are some issues which iv had to trouble shoot myself and fix them myself, so i thought I'd create a topic so anyone else who may have the same issues can look at this thread and...
  2. G

    verify dns records - Unable to retrieve the TXT records for your domain name.

    Dear community, i am testing many, many settings the dns records in cpanel dns editor..... i am very tired and frustrated! What is wrong and what ist the problem that i can't verify the dns records my sending domain. I testing with mail and this find...
  3. potschops

    Using VPS Hosting without cpanel, plesk or similar

    I can use a VPS hosting platforms without recurring payments such as cPanel, Plesk or similar?