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    ENABLING 'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true, Shows 500 Error

    Hi Team, When I enable the below parameter on apps/common/config/main-custom.php Then App Shows 500 error... 'params' => array( 'email.custom.header.prefix' => '' 'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true, '' =>...
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    "Class 'MailWizzApi_Config' not found" error in laravel

    hi, I'm trying to use Mailwizz SDK to subscribe to my users in the Laravel application. in local, it works well but when im trying to use it in production I get this error. Class 'MailWizzApi_Config' not found how can I fix that? if you know any documentation that shows how I can use restful...