1. F

    A few questions

    Dear all, I just bought a license for Mailwizz and did some testing around. I must say, its really a great tool. Thanks to the developpers ! Here are my questions. I already search around but didn't find any answers. In the template editor, you can add a block for social sharing. I noticed...
  2. T

    A part of code on my email cause to be blocked by recipients

    They informed me from my hosting provider, that a block of code on my email (sending through MailWizz) is causing my emails to be marked as spam. They told me that my emails have been reported by multiple providers (such as Yahoo or Comcast) as containing spam. This caused my email account...
  3. Teebox

    The ISP block US

    Hi guys I'm sendings campaigns for a customer who sells of the sexy lingerie. I am perpetually blocked by Orange Orange/Wanadoo/Live/Hotmail/Outlook/msn What's to be done? Would you have trick to give me? An idea? We work on a qualified base and in double opt' in but the ISP block us...