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    100% Sent Campaign not being "marked as sent"

    I am facing a minor issue where a campaign being sent 100% is not being automatically marked as sent. I always have to manually mark the campaign as sent. What could be the problem?
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    Extremely Slow Delivery Rate

    I am getting the sending rate of no more than 2000 emails per hour. Digital Ocean VPS RAM 512 1 CPU SSD Amazon SES connection via API Campaign recipients approx 200,000 Amazon SES restrictions 50 emails per second 250,000 emails per day (24 hours) PHP INFO phpinfo is located here...
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    Bounced Emails Amazon SES API

    Hi, Our mailwizz is connected to Amazon SES via API. We just sent our first campaign :) I can see a lot of bounced emails in the campaign report. What do I as a mailwizz admin or customer need to do with these emails? Don't these bounced emails automatically get unsubsribed from the list?
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    Moving Interspire subscribe form to mailwizz

    Recently moved from interspire to mailwizz and couldn't be happier. One thing still holding me back is the subscribe form on website are still linked to interspire installation. The websites are running codeignitor. Can I get some help converting this piece of code to be readable by...
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    Technical : Using Mailwizz as email marketing company?

    Lets suppose my email marketing company is called "companyx" which serves client a, client b and client c. mailwiz is installed on (not any subdomain) Obviously companyx does not send campaigns by itself but rather provides client a, b and c ability to send marketing campaings...