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    Upload Duplicated Contacts

    Hello, Would like to know if it is possible to upload duplicated contacts to a list? I have a situation that I need to send some "surcharges" to my customers with custom order numbers and different fees, majority are single orders but some have for instance 6 different orders, so I would need...
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    Mass email Marketing - Shared IPs or Dedicated ones?

    Hi there guys, I've been sending either Newsletters with current subscribers and also some targetted cold mass emailing (100k emails day to different countries) for around 1.5 years. We've been having amazing results. Although, some problems I face almost everyday with Mass emailing is...
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    Email box monitors

    Hi there people! Does someone know whether it's possible to check the reply rates when setting up an Email Box Monitor? I set it up and tested it. I could see the contacts are getting "unsubscribed", although I cannot really see the rates. Therefore, I would like to know if it's possible to...
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    Tracking Replies

    Hi there, I've been using Mailwizz for some time now. It's such an amazing tool full of potential! I've been using it with different API's (sendgrid, mailgun, elasticemail and so on) distributing probabilities to each one of them. Although, I would like to track also replies per campaign...
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    Cannot set up Mailgun with Mailwizz

    Hi there, Was trying to connect Mailgun to Mailwizz and it says "Wrong Credentials" when about to validate the server. The credentials are completely correct as I'm using the same account + credentials in another software. Does anybody know where I missed? :( PS. Also tried with Sendgrid and...