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    Send-campaign offset

    Hy guys, i've tried to set cronjob for send-campaign with offset parameter but each job run only when the previous had finish. In the log i found "PCNTL processes running already, locks acquired previously!" Could i have the 3 process run parallel ? This my job conf : send-campaigns...
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    How to export campaigns delivery logs

    Dear all, can i export the campaigns delivery logs in csv / other format ? If no, could you tell me which query MW run ? Thanks Best
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    Hy , is it possible (useful) to use memcache in mailwizz? If so, how could I setup it correctly ( main-custom.php, which settings, ecc ) ? thanks
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    Same Customer - Different limit with different DS

    Hy guys, for one of my customer in warm up staging i need to find a solution to differentiate the sending speed for some domain . Example : domain1 : --> 2 mail/minutes domain2 : --> 30 mail/minutes If i set a "pause after send" limit , this setting impacts on both domain ( cause...
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    Send Campaign slowed down

    Hy, i've noticed that my "send campaign" slowed down . It take many time before the "subscribers cleanup", see below my log [2020-01-29 07:41:09] - Looking for subscribers for campaign with uid pw193m51j540d...(This is subscribers worker #18) [2020-01-29 07:41:09] - For campaign with uid...
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    Bounce processing don't work

    Hy guys, i have a strange issue. My bounce processing work's fine but now, it delete the bounce from imap folder and don't track anymore bounce in campaign stats / bounce logs and, in this way, my bounce aren't processed . Have you any idea where i can check to debug my issue ? thanks
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    Campaign Action on Open/Move

    Hy guys, i tried to manage some lists in my MW campaign setup but i have a doubt : During Campaign Setup, if i set both this option : --> Actions against subscribers upon campaign open --> Copy to list XY --> Actions against subscribers upon campaign sent --> Move to list ZZ Work in this...
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    Updating process - which file ?

    Hy guys, could you tell me if this file are changed during update process ? apps/frontend/views/campaigns/forward-friend.php apps/frontend/controllers/CampaignsController.php apps/frontend/views/campaigns/report-abuse.php apps/frontend/views/lists/block-address.php I have translated some part...
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    Send Campaign customer

    Dear All, in cronjobs i can set send-campaign per customer? Setup: MW installed on several machine in load balancing and FS synced. Scenario: I have 3 customer ( a,b,c ) and i would like to process only campaign for A,B on server 1 and campaign for customer C only on server 2. There is an option...
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    Mobile icon

    Hy, i have changed all favicon.ico files but i Chrome IOS i see the Mailwizz Icon instead of mine. Cache cleared, desktop icon it's ok but not in Chrome IOS. Where can i change the mobile icon ( backend / customer ) ? thanks
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    Common email templates Usage

    Hy, in which way i can use a new "common email template" in my customer campaign ? eg. If i create a new common email template in which way i can use it in a customer campaign ? I've tried with : [Name] [Slug] but none of them work as i expect. ( in really don't work..... :) ) Could you give me...
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    License key

    Hy guys, I need to inventory all my MW setup and associate each of them to original license key. Could you tell me where I can find the actual license key of an installed MW ? Thanks
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    Backup Manager issue

    Hi all, i have an issue with Backup Manager extension. Below the backup log where it fail with "Unable to backup the file system" [2019-10-03 07:56:15] - Starting the backup process... [2019-10-03 07:56:15] - Checking to see if the storage directory exists... [2019-10-03 07:56:15] - The storage...
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    Bounce rules issue

    Hy guys, i'have some issue to set this bounce rules as soft / hard bounce from mw ( as per my customer request ) : Below some ISP replies smtp; 552 5.2.0 3RJ62100F0SXFrm01RJ6F6 rilevato spam / spam detected smtp; 552 5.2.0 3RGB210071kBuL201RGB6E rilevato spam / spam detected smtp; 552 5.2.0...
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    Subscribers without campaign

    Hi guys, strange issue ( checked on all version of my MW setup). If i go in subscribers page, take a user and check wich campaign was sent, the results is 0. In the same list, if i check another user, the result it’s correct with the list of all campaigns sent. My issue is not only on 1 user but...
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    Disabling image upload and hosting

    Hy guys, Can i disable the upload image function? A customer need to avoid image upload for internal question. Thanks Best
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    Email for "test email"

    Hy guys, can I use a dedicated subscriber for the "Send test email" function of MW instead of a random subscriber ? thanks Fabio
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    Disable campaign update during sending process

    Hy guys, there is an option for disabling the "update" button once a campaign is started then paused ? Eg: With a running campaign, if I pause the sending process I can update anche change campaign information. Can I disable it ( option in backend or in php file ) ? Thanks
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    Create new user : can i disable?

    Hi guys, as post title, can i disable a create new user option per customer ? My customer don’t want enabled this option, it only want subscription or import but not manually create new users. Thanks
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    Image url

    Hy guys, I'm here again with a new question :) Could I change the path of the image url ? Not manually in source code but automatically when I choose an image in server browsing. This is needed because I want to create a dedicated image server and not maintain the image on the mw server ...