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    No Campaigns are Displaying Bounces

    Hi there, I send about 15k-20k emails per day from the same delivery server. None of the campaigns I'm sending have any bounces. First, I think this is a good thing. After one week and no bounces, I realize this is a bad thing because something is clearly not working. The bounce server is set...
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    Question about custom fields in new lists

    Got it! Thanks.
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    Question about custom fields in new lists

    I have a list created by MW from a Campaign Action, anyone who opened a campaign was moved to this new list. My problem is the new list doesn't contain all the same custom fields that were in the lists I made myself and uploaded. Why does this happen and how can I make the custom fields for both...
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    Advice on Tuning MailWizz Settings and My Servers

    Hi, I need to send about 130,000 emails per day, and this is broken up into 15-25 lists per day. Some lists are about 6,000 email addresses while some others are only a few hundred. Regardless of size, they still send very slowly. I've read the articles on Delivery Server settings and the...