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    MailWizz Running Very Slow

    I am trying to runa fairly high volume of auto responders through MailWizz and recently I've noticed that software is starting to slow down a lot. I was using a 4 core / 16gb ram droplet and thought it might be running out of memory or not have enough power so I upgraded the droplet to 48 GB /...
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    Upgraded Ec2 Instance

    Hey Guys, I ran into an issue upgrading my EC2 instance before realizing MailWizz requires IPs to stay the same. I hadn't read this thread until it was too late - Is there anything that can be done to recover it with the new IP? I...
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    DS_TYPE Tag Issue when in Link

    I'm having an issue where when I try to put any of the "DS_" tags into a link, inside a template, it doesn't populate with anything when the email is actually sent. For example -[DS_TYPE]&sub2=[SUBSCRIBER_UID] I can get subscriber_uid to populate, by contrast but the DS_ fields...