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    API Doesn't work

    Hello, I setup API, in the setup.php I put URL to api, public and provate keys. But I have error on my tests: Error: MailWizzApi_Params Object ( [_data:MailWizzApi_Params:private] => Array ( [status] => error [error] => Invalid API request signature. Please...
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    Bounce not working

    Hello, I can't makes it work... I've set an imap user on my server and set it up to bounce in Mailwizz. I've checked setup of the mail, it is ok. I can access it via a mail client. But when I send a campaign, the bad emails (I setup one are still in the list, not...
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    French (special) characters not saved in mail template

    Hello, When I save my email template, all caracters éêà etc are removed with the right letter. Example : I put "amélioration", I save my template, then I reload it and I have "amioration" instead... Any idea??
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    500 Internal Error Issue while Importing

    I'm installing for the 1st time Mailwizz, and I'm little bit disapointed!... On DB import stepp, I click on "importing" and then I have a 500 error page! I can't go further. All the files in config are chmod 0777, and the dir too. A file named "main-custom.php" is created, the tables in the...