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    Dynamic links in the text version

    I noticed that the dynamic links such as [WEB_VERSION_URL] and [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] don't seem to be working in the text version of the emails. Same goes for the personalized content such as and [FNAME]. Has anyone else noticed that? Why are the tags not replaced in the text versions in the same...
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    Gmail AMP & Annotations

    Google is rolling out AMP and Annotations to Gmail. Both of those features are expected to change the way users interact with emails. Microsoft is already looking into implementing AMP as well in its Outlook. My question is, will there be any updates in that area in mailwizz? For example...
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    Campaign still sent to subscribers moved to another list

    Our campaigns have the condition to move subscribers from one list to another upon clicking a specific link in the email. Once the subscriber is moved, we'd expect that subscriber won't be receiving emails sent to the old list. However, this is not the case. We noticed many instances where the...
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    CDbException error on sending multiple campaigns

    I've been having issues recently with my mailwizz. I migrated to a new server and allocated ca. 1tb of space for hosting my mailwizz to make sure it has enough resources. I left it for a month or so and came back to start testing some campaigns. I started 6 different campaigns on a sample of...
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    Inaccurate Delivered stats

    I am happy that we have the Delivered stats now added to the campaigns overview. However, it appears that the stats are not accurate. Here's a screenshot of the example: Here, the current Delivered should be not 99% but 91% to account for the 8% bounced. Otherwise, there's no purpose in...
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    Unable to delete delivery logs in the backend

    I noticed there's no option to delete delivery logs in the backend. Just to confirm, I want to delete all the logs, not just the errors. On top of that, in Cron/Delivery Settings, I set the Delete delivery logs setting to Yes and Removal days to 10. That was done many months ago. Yet, the...
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    Proper backup & restore steps

    I've tried restoring my mailwizz with my backup but frankly I didn't find the current guidelines thorough so I thought of starting a thread to go through it. Can someone who's had experience with restoring the backup share the steps they took? Currently, I tried uploading backup.tar.gz to the...
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    CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection after cache clear

    I started to have issues with my Mailwizz. At some point, I was no longer able to even create and test a campaign. I would get Error 400 every time I would try to set up a campaign. Here's the screenshot of the error: Then, I went to the backend to check the delivery logs and ran into another...
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    Campaigns are not processing simultaneously

    I started my new mailwizz server on the recent 1.6.5. But, I noticed there's an issue when running multiple campaigns at the same time. For instance, if I start campaigns A-D and run them all at the same time, all of them will be showing status "Sending" but only campaign A will be actually...
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    Different domain for tracking

    As I understand, the current instructions for adding tracking domains is for the subdomains of the same root domain where mailwizz is hosted. I was wondering if it's possible to add a tracking domain that has a root domain different from the one where mailwizz is hosted? For example, my...
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    Not Found The requested URL /install/index.php was not found on this server.

    I am migrating to a new server with better capacity and want to install my mailwizz from scratch. In past, I installed only 1.4.3 which went usually fine. This time, I am trying to install the latest 1.6.5. However, I am unable to proceed to the installation page ie...
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    Failed to create cache directory /tmp/ hash

    Anyone had this issue before? None of my emails send. All say "Giveup" and then cite the reason to be "Failed to create cache directory /tmp/" followed by hash. BTW, how can we delete the campaign delivery logs in the backend? I set Delivery servers logs removal days on 7 but the logs keep...
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    Delivery logs for the deleted segment

    Hi there, I had to delete a segment in my list. When I did that, all the campaigns in my campaign list that sent to that segment disappeared. That was expected. But, I also noticed that the logs of the emails sent to that segment in Campaign Delivery Logs in the backend also vanished. I was...
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    Images not displayed in Hotmail/Microsoft

    Hi guys, I noticed that when we send emails with images hosted in mailwizz (via file manager), they don't display at all in Hotmail and Microsoft's other email clients. Even when we whitelist and move those emails to our inboxes, the images remain blocked. However, when we use different...
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    Gmail's Suspicious links message

    Hi guys. I am helping with sending an email newsletter for a price comparison site. It's good content, with no spam stuff. Just tells people how they can resolve their moisture problems at home. Well, it turns out Gmail is giving a warning message any time someone clicks the link in my email...
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    Bounce logs for a PowerMTA smtp

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how i can configure a bounce server so I could get the data for my PowerMTA smtp in my campaigns' analytics? Currently, I have to run a script to produce the bounce logs on the smtp. But, I was the information in my mailwizz as well.
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    Skipping the sandbox in Amazon SES

    Anyone had experience with Amazon SES? How did you skip the sandbox and start a paid account?
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    Can't stop the campaign & list count not updated

    Hi, We've been having a number of issues with our mw lately. One campaign keeps sending even after we paused a delivery server and then also paused the campaign itself. It is still sending and seems like it will continue to everything is sent. the issue is that all the sendouts end up as...
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    Unable to configure Sparkpost

    I am having problems setting up connection between my mailwizz and sparkpost. I have tried setting up Sparkpost both as an SMTP and web API. But, in both instances, I get errors. Here are the quoted error messages: Error when connecting as an SMTP: Cannot send the confirmation email using the...
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    Help with managing ESPs

    Hi guys, We're looking for someone who could help us dealing with ESPs such as Amazon, Sendgrid, Elastic Email, etc. We have an opt-in database and an active segment. We send white-hat, clean promotion campaigns about utilities, insurance, finance, etc. No bad content is allowed. We suppress...