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  1. twisted1919

    [Release] MailWizz v1.9.13

    Hello, We're happy to announce the availability of MailWizz v1.9.13, which addresses performance issues as described in our previous post. Beside the above, here's also a overview of the most important changes: --- ------------------------------------------- --- Version 1.9.13 - 2020-09-16...
  2. twisted1919

    Upcoming improvements to delivery speed and domain policies.

    Hello, This is a quick post to let you know about the upcoming changes from 1.9.13 version which improve the delivery speed but also fix the domain policies once and for all. Speaking about delivery speed, with pcntl, the improvements we added to send-campaigns command allowed us to send up to...
  3. twisted1919

    Forum changes

    Hello everyone, This particular weekend we worked to upgrade our Xenforo forum from version 1.x to 2.x. This involved upgrading a few addons, upgrading the forum itself, migrating on a new server, and finally writing all our Xenforo modifications as addons. We also took the opportunity to style...
  4. twisted1919

    We have a new website!

    Hello everyone, I want to let you know that starting today we have a brand new website, you can see it at We started working on the new site somewhere at the end of January 2020, with the sole purpose of having a fast site which properly shows how MailWizz can help...
  5. twisted1919

    Please help us with a testimonial

    Hello everyone, As you might already know, we're hard at work for multiple areas related to MailWizz and now we'd like to ask you to take 5 minutes of your precious time and leave a testimonial for us at --- not available anymore --- We will select around 5 or 10 of these testimonials and we...
  6. twisted1919

    What is your opinion about MailWizz offering a global blacklist service?

    Hello everyone, A while back one of the forum members reached out with an interesting idea related to better handling bad emails in MailWizz. In big lines, the idea is that since we have lots of active MailWizz installs, the owners of these installs could opt-in to send their blacklist info to...
  7. twisted1919

    Cyber Monday 2019 - 50% discount

    Mailwizz is part of Envato's Cyber Monday event. You get 50% discount for it this week.
  8. twisted1919

    [Work in progress] - MailWizz - 2.0

    Hello everyone, As announced in the past, we started working on MailWizz 2.0 for a while now. Our main concern for MailWizz 2.0 is to make it support PHP >= 7.1 only and remove any other code which does not rely on this requirement. We also will make sure that upgrading from MailWizz 1.x to...
  9. twisted1919

    MailWizz - 1.8.5

    Hello everyone, Today we're pleased to announce the availability of MailWizz 1.8.5 which is a small release with a few crucial fixes and updates. You can download it from codecanyon as usual. Since 1.8.4 was never released to public, just to our internal testing team, here's the changelog for...
  10. twisted1919

    MailWizz Python SDK

    Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce the availability of our Python SDK for MailWizz. You can find the github repository at and install the package via pip as shown at Special thanks to...
  11. twisted1919

    MailWizz - 1.8.1

    Hello everyone, After a lot of hard work we are able to release MailWizz 1.8.1 which brings a lot of improvements, changes and enhancements as the changelog shows. Since this is a cumulative and large release, please make sure you backup your data before upgrading. This brings us a step closer...
  12. twisted1919

    Hooks documentation website

    Hello everyone, In an effort to make MailWizz internals available to developers in order to build more awesome stuff on top of the platform or to extend it in new directions, @ghimes has created a website dedicated to MailWizz hooks so you can see all the hooks (actions and filters) available...
  13. twisted1919

    50% discount sale - running now

    Hi guys, This is an update to let you know we're running a 50% discount sale for regular licenses now. The sale will last a few days. Enjoy! L.E: Offer ended on May, 13 2019.
  14. twisted1919

    Ideas for CLI Monitor Dashboard

    Hello guys, As you know, in mailwizz there are a number of command line commands, most popular one is "send-campaigns" one, which can be called from command line to trigger email sending. Every time there is an issue with delivery, we apply...
  15. twisted1919

    We want to increase minimum PHP version to run MailWizz!

    Hello, Right now mailwizz requires PHP >= 5.2 in order to work, which for us is really a big mess because we basically must always make sure mailwizz works with PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 which most of the time means a maintenance nightmare, our code is full of...
  16. twisted1919

    MailWizz on ProductHunt.

    Hi Guys, We have just added MailWizz on producthunt at Any upvote or comment in the above link could help us a lot, so if you have a chance to do so, we'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
  17. twisted1919

    MailWizz 1.7.2 adds global search functionality!

    Hi guys, As a follow-up to our efforts to improve the usability of the app, knowing the app itself is huge and we need to make it easier for people to find things in it, we have released MailWizz 1.7.2 which now includes an awesome search functionality which will search in the entire...
  18. twisted1919

    Happy Holidays (and vacation schedule)!

    Hi guys, I wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas :) This has been a very long year and i am sure we all worked a lot for our businesses and did our best to be as good as possible in everything we did. We all deserve some days to rest and stay with our families :) We, the...
  19. twisted1919

    Possible new design for MailWizz, opinions?

    Hi guys, Last few weeks we went a bit back and forth because we are thinking to get a new design for MailWizz, and today we received a mockup with two images showing overall how the app will look if we were to implement these new designs. Here's the 2 mockups we received: List View: Form...
  20. twisted1919

    API Documentation website

    Hi guys, In the last few days we worked on a dedicated website to showcase MailWizz's API and it's abilities. The site is targeted to developers and tried to make it easy to understand what you can do with the API. You can find it at Enjoy.