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    Sendgrid & Mailwizz Bounces Not Working

    Near cancel button click info button icon
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    status showing is sending(0%).

    do you setup delivery servers?
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    TrueMail Email Verifications

    git :
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    How to Update the Default EMail Editor?

    You should hire a developer , Its not just change some code
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    How to Update the Default EMail Editor?

    I think you mean inline editor like below. but gmail editor design by google and exclusive
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    TrueMail Email Verifications

    Thanks, Don't miss Lifetime offer of Truemail :LifeTime Deal ;)
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    Send Email on behalf of another email

    Yes, why not
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    TrueMail Email Verifications

    Hi MW! We recently develop an extention for Truemail (Email Verifier: Easy, Fast & Cheap) and now we publish it as opensource. You can download here --------------------------- Especial offer, LifeTime Deal, What is different with a normal offer? its Life Time Deal. you pay $199 LTD and...
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    Upcoming improvements to delivery speed and domain policies.

    One question remain, How can we control delivery servers? such as we want to send Gmail addresses with one server, another server sends yahoo etc. we control this with domain policy, rightnow how can we control it?
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    GMAIL Promotional Tab and mailwizz headers

    Which header do you want remove? But as my experience , gmail promotion tab not really relate to header. * Use dedicate IPs instead of share services. * use dynamic email content and persolize email * Segment your list to smaller than 1000 email
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    PostalHQ Setup along with MailWizz Integration

    Pm me in skype: majid1f
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    Gmail feedback loop

    " Gmail's Feedback Loop (FBL) notifications are only sent as aggregate complaint rates. They are based on emails that reach the inbox, as opposed to the total number of emails sent. Actual spam complaints made by a subscriber are not available. "...
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    mailwizz php sdk

    In : examples/setup.php Comment this line: exit('COMMENT ME TO TEST THE EXAMPLES!');
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    Delivery server for agency

    Try our services: (we also have our delivery servers for mailwizz)
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    Showing My Email profile picture

    We have similar settings but works properly. Check SPF and DKIM.
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    Showing My Email profile picture

    Does it include image profile when you normally send by gsuite?
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    Bitcoin gateways

    Bitpay or Currently available
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    Unlayer Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz

    We do not have a plan at the moment. If there was enough request we will develop, cause we create unlayer for our casumster at first ,
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    Unlayer Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz

    Yes, but you can create a free account
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    Campaign going to promotion folder & Moving Mailwizz application to another hosting server

    You can't recognition, even for spam and inbox, promotional or other . about migration: If the information is sensitive and large volume. Ask an expert