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    What's The Purpose of Seeing Who Didn't Open Your Campaigns For a Long Time?

    Hi, I'm using the "Filter" button to see who did/didn't open my campaigns for some time (for example, the past 4 months). The Filter works great. I see 1000's of subscribers that meet that criteria but can't find.... - A way to Build a Segment to Target Them. or - A way to Export Them Did...
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    [SparkPost] Any Idea of Where Can I Enter the Url For Bounces / Comp?

    Hi, I've googled it but couldn't find it. Does someone know where can i enter the url for bounces / complaints under SparkPost? I follow this link (from their documentation)... ... but it takes me to...
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    "No Opens Since"Feature.

    Quick question: Could you please let me know where can i find this feature ("No Opens Since")? I've seen that it has been released some months ago but can't find it (google also didn't help me a lot). Best Regards, Diego.
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    The Monkey with a Gun - The Problem of Not Being Able to Exclude Lists From a Campaign

    Hi Guys, I really appreciate the progress that MailWizz is making. Really, That said, let me highlight something, that can really mess up your data and which can make you loose lots of valuable subscribers (buyers): the lack of a "List Exclusion" feature. "What's this MF?" (Let Me Remark The...
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    (Conversion Tracking) How to See/Find the [SUBSCRIBER_UID] of Each Subscriber?

    Hi, I'd like to use the [SUBSCRIBER_UID] on each link for conversion tracking (the [SUBSCRIBER_UID] value will be the tracking code). This way, when there's a sale, i know which is the subscriber who made the purchase. How can i find subscribers by this value? Thanks, Diego.
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    Scheduling Campaigns Error (v1.3.6.0)

    Hi, I've just scheduled a campaign to be delivered at 11:00 AM but here's what i see after saving it... It shows another thing under the "Send at" column (tested it multiple times). Comments (Don't know if they can help or not): - This campaign was created from another one (copy), but has...
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    "Subscribers that did not open the campaign" Feature

    Hi Twisted, Wanted to send you this quick question via pm , but your confirmation may surely help to other users. Suppose that my first email went to segment "Bla Bla" (100 subs), from the list "XYZ" (1000 subs). Now, i want to re-send to unopeners of that first email (70 unopeners out of...
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    Blacklisting Bug: New Spam Complaint...From a Blacklisted Sub?

    Hi, Today (26/02/2016) i've got a spam complaint.... ....from a user that was blacklisted on 11/4/2015! Take a look (ignore my typo on the blacklist date and see the date that shows MailWizz): When i've checked at the message that he received (the one that triggered this new spam...
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    Know Which Subscribers are No Longer Opening Your Messages

    Hi, How could you know.. ......which subscribers are No Longer Opening Your Messages? I found this function in almost every AR (Aweber, GetResponse - well, all of them) but to my surprise... i still couldn't find how to do this with MailWizz. In MailWizz i've found that you can only get this...
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    [Solved] Select "Delivery Server" When Sending a Broadcast

    If you have 2 or more delivery servers, adding a dropdown to select the delivery server to use (Mandrill, ElasticEmail etc) when sending a campaign, would help a lot. This way you don't have to guess which delivery server will be used for the campaign (if the "from" email address is linked to...
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    [Solved] Strange Thing With ElasticEmail (Delivery was not attempted for Most of The Emails)

    Hi, Today i've send a broacast to 456 subscribers and nearly 400 were flagged as "bounced" under ElasticEmail (crazy thing). My ElasticEmail account has the following description for each bounced email: "Delivery was not attempted". I've googled and found almost no info for that, except for...
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    Past Campaigns - How Can I See Their Content?

    Hi, I'm trying to see the content of some past campaigns but just can access the stats numbers (Overview). How can i get access to that without making new campaigns from them (clone)? Thanks, Diego.
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    Include / Exclude Lists From Campaign

    Hi, I have a quick question to make: ---> How can include / exclude lists (subscribers) from a campaign? If it was already posted, i'd appreciate a link to the thread (googled it but found nothing). Guys, this tool is AWESOME. I love it. Best Regards, Diego.
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    [Solved] Move Subs From List "A" to "B" after Clicking a Campaign Link

    Hi, First of all, let me tell you that the app looks really good (I'm really enjoying it). Q: Is it possible to move a subscriber from one list to another after he/she clicks a link that i've sent them through a campaign? One final question (Q2): Do you have a php example of how to add a sub...