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    Gmail feedback loop

    The issue faced is that in gmail "spam reported is 0.2% but feedback loop identifiers data still in Zero. In other words even if feedback-id is already setup , there is no identifiers reported in feedback loop.
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    Gmail feedback loop

    Hi, Anyone here tested gmail feedback loop and it's working for him ? I had all setup correctly done but no data for feedback-id identifiers I appreciate if you can share your experience and fix this issue because as you know Gmail is top free mailbox providers and any serious sender should...
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    stripe mailwizz extension issue

    Hello guys, I'm looking for someone to help me or a developer to fix an issue and will reward. I signed up with that provide affiliate software. they requested me to complete setup by completing setp2 and step3 below: Step2 When you create your Stripe subscription or...
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    Autoresponder and Automation

    Hello, I need to create a simple automation using the following steps below: 1. after that someone subscribe to list1 send campaign1 2. "Wait one day" then send campaign2 Is this possible to create a delay time between 2 campaigns? please help me to create the above automation Thanks
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    import log issues

    Thank you very much
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    import log issues

    Hi guys, I faced some issues as I described below, please help 1. recaptcha: when I enable it for login/registration for customer side, the issue is that recaptcha is below "registration button" in the "registration form" and normally recaptcha should be above "registration button" so could...
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    Mailwizz 1.6.3 STARTTLS Issue

    Hello guys, I use Mailwizz 1.6.3 with powermta on my server..Recently I got an error from outlook below SMTP service unavailable: STARTTLS required but not available at ( while connected from Hostname (IP) to...
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    mailwizz 1.6.1 complaints issue

    Please help @twisted1919
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    mailwizz 1.6.1 complaints issue

    Hello, I'm using mailwizz 1.6.1 but I faced an issue regarding complaints for one campaign Let me explain: I installed fbl in mailwizz with registration on fbl on ISP side all ok I created a list with one mail , when I received that mail I reported it to spam on my inbox provider side then...
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    bounce internal stats

    Hello, Is it possible to disable "bounce internal" stats from customer area and keep them only in backend? Cheers
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    spam complaints

    Hey, After setup of fbl servers for major ISPs (yzhoo,...etc), could you please tell me how and where to find all complainers emails that hit "spam button" in their ISPs Thanks
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    Mailwizz ISP encryption

    I know all about complaint, ips reputation, engagement,...etc.., but my question is about mailwizz entire code, headers,... is by chance ISPs can detect the software (mailwizz) by a simple encryption/decryption?
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    Mailwizz ISP encryption

    Hey guys, As you know all, many spammers use this amazing mailwizz software to send tons of spam, and you know also that ISPs like Gmail, yahoo, other filters have good technology to detect spam All ISPs use encryption/decryption when they receive emails coming from mailwizz My question: is it...
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    tracking links inside campaign

    Hello, I noticed that when you send newsletter from example this mailer (login in this domain) all emails sents have tracking links that start with this domain I installed mailwizz in, so how can I do to make all emails...
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    delete list using ssh command line

    Hello, Is there a command line to remove list using id ?
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    spam complaints in campaign stats

    but someone who clicked on unsubscribe link has not necessary clicked spam button on yahoo or hotmail...etc. what I need to know is if it's possible to have a "spam" stats near open or clicks where we can see all people who marked mail as spam in their ISP
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    spam complaints in campaign stats

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to have spam complaints number near to open, clicks in campaign stats? This will help to know number of spam complaints (from yahoo, hotmail, ..) Any help ?
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    Cron settings issue

    Hi, in /backend/index.php/settings/cron (settings) we have the values below by default: Delivery settings Memory limit system default Campaigns at once * 5 Subscribers at once * 100 Send at once * 100 Pause * 1 Emails per minute * 100 Change server at * 200 Max. bounce rate -1 Parallel...
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    mailwizz campaigns

    @twisted1919 , thank you for the share of the link However I need help from you please what I want to do is to create script (shell/python ) to automatically create many campaigns and schedule them too: in my server on home directory I have: 1. text file with 3 subjects(...
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    import list (text file) via ssh

    Is there a command line that give API keys (public+private) and api url?