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    TrueMail Email Verifications

    Hi MW! We recently develop an extention for Truemail (Email Verifier: Easy, Fast & Cheap) and now we publish it as opensource. You can download here --------------------------- Especial offer, LifeTime Deal, What is different with a normal offer? its Life Time Deal. you pay $199 LTD and...
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    unsubscribe Webhook

    Do mailwizz have unsubscribe webhook when someone unsubscribe from a list call webhook? (like something that i see for campagins) I think it exsit in mailwizz but I can't find it.
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    delete customer and related Lists and campaigns

    When we delete a customer , will be delete related lists and campaigns?
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    avang extensions and codes for mailwizz

    It's been a few years since we lunch our services ( base on Mailwizz. Here we want to share our experiences.
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    after registeration hook

    dose MW have after registration hook? i know i can use customer_model_customer_aftersave hook after save method but i need after customer_company save or another hook that call after registration complete. Thanks in advance for you help
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    Spamhaus CSS list

    hi i just adding a new whitelist ip to my sending server but after one hour without even sending one email, ip gose to Spamhaus CSS listing. i dont know why this happen. can anyone know why this listing happened? some inbox like outlook check for this listing.
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    export lists/all-subscribers

    Hi, If it was possible to get export from all-subscrubers it would be great. Imagine you have more than 50 lists that imporsible export one by one.
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    separate server delivery for auto respond emails

    hi is it possible to separate server delivery for auto respond emails from regular campaigns?
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    share some of my experience about developing MW theme

    I try to develop a theme and I want to share some of my experience, MW design is really good and flexible for changes and with the help of Yii architecture for the flexibility, it is possible to change everything you need. for developing a theme you need to extend ThemeInit class and then you...
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    change default layout

    hi is it possible to change the default customer layout in the theme for all customer controllers? i mean main.php( layout)
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    Dynamic Pricing & New Revenue Model

    Hi, I have an idea about monetization, You may know that in mailwizz (like other marketing platforms), you can make fixed price plans (such as 30$/month for 10k subscribers) and most companies use freemium revenue model (like 1k free, and other) -------------------------------------- Right now...
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    Unlayer Drag & Drop Email Builder For Mailwizz

    We have an emailmarketig service based on mailwizz. After a while, we realized default editor haven't our desired power and features. Hence we had searched for available embeddable Drag-n-Drop and found (demo) (Note that some popular companies use this service.) Key Features...
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    autoresponder campaigns sending mechanism a

    Hi, it's a simple qustion, what happen if we have lots of autoresponder campaigns? (such as 2000 active sending campagins) In cron setting we setup "Campaigns at once * = 50", and does it mean it just send 50 autoresponder campaigns and regular ? or mailwizz have other way for sending...
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    Landing Pages & Site Builder For MAILWIZZ

    Pagestead :Your very own professional site builder (& landing pages) . Self-hosted and 100% white-label Live Demo ---------------------------------------------------------------- And what we do? We developed a MailWizz extension and customization (API, js ... ) in pagestead that sync MailWizz...
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    mailwizz affiliate & referal extention

    let your customers promote your service using the mailwizz affiliate & referal extension This extension provides a special affiliate link for each customer (referal link). a customer can put the affiliate link on the website or social networks and refer to your Email Marketing. When a new...
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    messages system

    It's seems mw has a greate messages system for customer notification (/customer/messages/index) , But is it possible to send Email messages? I want send email when create a message for a customer. Or as future feature, it was greate if able send push notifcation (with
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    unsubscribe button for editor

    Hi, Perhaps you or your customer deal with this problem, that it's a little difficult to insert unsubscribe, I create small plugin that able insert unsubscribe url with one click. you should just select and click button. In drag drop editor...
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    log transactional emails

    How i can check transnational emails ? i know this: /backend/transactional-emails/index but it's not show test email, welcome email, subscribe confirm email and other ...
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    Db Migration

    hi, what can I do for updating db in my extensions? I see MW core and see MW has been created a separate SQL file for each version of MW core and for update worker MW used the current version which stored in DB and compare to version in file, and run DB queries, (as I understood), now what...
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    setup from email

    Hi Where i can setup from email for common email like notifications, password reset emails, etc. Right now it's send with deliver server "From email" setting.