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    Hook before a user is sent confirm subscription email?

    What is the code to write an extension where I can do something with an email address after a user submits a form to subscribe but before the email confirmation email is sent?
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    Force delete of cache or something?

    I use the XML tags to load links from an RSS feed. Often, MailWizz loads the RSS feed from the prior day -- not the current, most up-to-date one. What is going on? Is there some cache that needs to be cleared or something before each mail send? Here's an example. I had a campaign that was just...
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    Is the Delivered statistic accurate?

    The number of emails delivered statistic fluctuates widely from day-to-day for the exact same list. How is this possible? Is this statistic accurate?
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    Modifying temp queue tables size

    I see in latest MailWizz it says this: $limit = (int)Yii::app()->params['send.campaigns.command.tempQueueTables.copyAtOnce']; Does that mean we need to put this in main-custom.php: 'params' => array( 'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true...
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    Question about deleting campaign delivery log

    I see this was added in v1.4.4: "Added ability to delete the campaign delivery logs and replce them with a static counter to improve performance" Where can I get more detail about what is happening here? How do I enable this feature and does it have any negative ramifications? What's a static...
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    Question about unsubscribe-inactive-subscribers

    Question: is there a way to mark inactive subscribers as unsubscribed and then send them a re-confirmation email, asking them if they want to resubscribe?
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    What happens with soft bounces?

    Is there a setting in MailWizz that marks a user as hard bounced after X amount of soft bounces for an email address?
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    More parameters for hook

    For $searchReplace = (array)Yii::app()->hooks->applyFilters('campaigns_get_common_tags_search_replace', $searchReplace); in CampaignHelper.php, can we get more parameters such as subscriber and campaign information?
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    Improving ElasticEmail API

    in /apps/common/models/DeliveryServerElasticemailWebApi.php change this... if ($response['status'] != 'success' || strpos($response['message'], '-') !== false) { throw new Exception(Yii::app()->ioFilter->stripClean($response['message'])); } To this...
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    Verbose output only when error?

    Anyway to output verbose for send-campaigns command when there is an error? There seems to be a problem with delivering emails and I need to find out if the problem is at my side or my ESP. Using verbose=1 outputs way too much info, I only want when there is a problem. Possible?
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    List of MailWizz hooks?

    Is there documentation listing all MailWizz hooks? Im specifically looking for a filter that runs before any email is sent by MailWizz (transactional, welcome email, subscription confirm, campaign, etc.) so I can add someone to each email we send.
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    How does PCNTL work?

    Let's say I have Campaigns at Once 5, Subscribers at Once 1000, PCNTL parallel campaigns 5 and subscribers parallel 30. If I have 5 campaigns running, based on, I should have 5 * 5 * 10 = 750...
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    Bugs and questions

    Just updated to v1.4.1 a few things: a) The ElasticEmail {unsubscribe} insert is bugged. It only works in test emails, not when actual campaign is sent. Further, ElasticEmail is now requiring users to insert their company name and address in emails... this should probably be integrated into...
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    Are statistics on delivery accurate?

    I periodically have an issue where ElasticEmail shows a lower number of emails sent than what MailWizz shows. For example, one day I will send 500,000 emails with MailWizz across three campaigns and MailWizz will show 100% delivered for them all. However, ElasticEmail shows they only received...
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    Encoding when using Elastic Email API

    Right now, MailWizz is configured to use quoted printable encoding with Elastic Email. However, this causes some issues plain-text version of email. Elastic Email recommended to me to use base64 instead. The change is easy. Change 'encodingtype' => 3 to 'encodingtype' => 4 in...
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    List-Unsubscribe header email?

    I see that MailWizz does URL for List-Unsubscribe -- but how about email? Is a bounce server necessary for that (I assume it is)? If I were to add a bounce server, would MW start including mailto: in list-unsubscribe?
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    Can I use MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_DS_LOG_USAGE while using the rotate delivery server every X emails settings?
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    Track opens by sending server?

    Is there a way to track the opens for a campaign by the sending server? For example, if we use two sending servers for one campaign, how can I determine the open rates for each server for the same campaign?
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    Customize Return Path?

    Is there a way to customize the Return Path if using an API to send emails? thanks!
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    How to insert merge tag?

    Elastic Email requires {unsubscribe} merge tag. We can do this: {unsubscribe:}. In apps/common/components/helpers/CampaignHelper.php I've put this: if ($server->type == 'elasticemail-web-api') {$unsubscribeUrl = '{unsubscribe:'.$unsubscribeUrl.'}';} right before...