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  1. Alex Read

    Smart Delivery Trick (Great Inboxing)

    I recently received a few emails that used a smart trick to inbox and I was hoping someone could explain why it's so effective. 1) They send themselves an email and BCC me into it. 2) It looks like it was sent to me, and they get great inboxing. See attached image. Can anybody share or...
  2. Alex Read

    List Hygiene - It's Vital But Not Sure Mailwizz Can Handle It

    Hi I use autoresponders a lot with my Mailwizz setup. Unfortunately, over time people lose interest and become cold. Is there a neat way to have it 'auto' clean 'inactive' people from your various lists? I know that all the big services have some sort of AR that goes out to 'inactive'...
  3. Alex Read

    List Cleaning

    Hi How are you guys running list cleaning to remove old emails & inactive subscribers? This looks like a very messy way of doing it: Possible Better Options 1) Is there a way to have it run on ALL campaigns for a client and...
  4. Alex Read

    Cloudflare & Deliverability

    Hi Does using Cloudflare impact deliverability? I use it and wondering if it might be the reason my emails go to spam. Anybody have any experience in this? Alex
  5. Alex Read

    Tricky Exclusion

    I have a footer that says: Not interesting? Send a reply with 'remove me please'. Now when people reply they reply with "remove me please" I want to create a filter in gmail that finds all mails with the words "remove me please" BUT it needs to exclude my original expression: Not...
  6. Alex Read

    Webhooks & SMS

    Hi 1) Is there a way to send an sms when a new subscriber is added to a list? 2) Is there a way to send an sms after a subscriber custom field get's a certain value? e.g. clicked link, etc?
  7. Alex Read

    All Emails Going To Spam - Can Someone Help Debug?

    Hi All my emails are going to spam. 1) I've warmed up the email. 50 per day, week 1, 100 per day week 2, 200 per day week 3. - these domains have only sent 800 emails, but at 500 mark I noticed the open rates plummet so assume that's when they started going to spam. 2) Here's a copy of the...
  8. Alex Read

    [NEW] PowerGuide To Autoresponders & How To Set Them Up

    Hi I want to say thanks for this awesome software. I feel many people haven't seen the full power of the autoresponders. You can use it to replace Sendinblue, Drip, Mailshake, Mailchimp, etc. I've done a video showing how I use it and what you can do with this. I haven't shown how to setup...
  9. Alex Read

    How Do You See a List Of Recent Sent Messages?

    Hi I'm trying to find a time of any recent sent messages to subscribers? I'm worried the autoresponders are not firing. I can see that an autoresponder has been scheduled but is there any way to know if the emails have actually gone out? Is what I've found but I have no idea if emails are...
  10. Alex Read

    Does The Setting "Incl. current subscribers" Include 'MOVED' Subscribers?

    Hi I'm cloning some ARs and want to know if I set the setting "Incl. current subscribers" to YES, will it send to those who have been moved? So in the example above if my AR was based on the Outreach US (SEO) list, would it send to the subscriber who had been moved off? My use case is: I...
  11. Alex Read

    Possible Bug - Moving Subscribers to a List Overwrites Custom Field Values

    Hi Has anybody else found that when you move subscribers between two lists SOME custom field values get overwritten. 1) It moves subscribers fine. 2) Some custom fields pass values from 1 list to the other fine. 3) Many custom field values DON'T get passed & get overwritten. See video here...
  12. Alex Read

    Reset Autoresponder Stats WITHOUT Cloning IT

    Hi I have a whole sequence of autoresponders that send with a delay after the previous one. E.g. auto responder 1, AR 2 sends 2 days after AR 1 sends, all the way up to AR20. So they're all linked. This is why I DO NOT want to clone AR 1 or AR2, as I need to relink them all up. I'm wanting...
  13. Alex Read

    How Often Do Segments Update?

    Hi I'm using segments to update subscriber info and then send emails based on those. 1) How quickly do segments update? (I.e. move subscribers between segments based on fields changing) 2) If I have segment for 'STATUS=NEWLEAD' and segment for 'STATUS=LINKCLICKED' and I have autoresponders...
  14. Alex Read

    Reply To vs Send Email Address. Must they be the same?

    Hi Does it matter if the reply to and the send from address are different for deliverability?
  15. Alex Read

    Do You Need An Actual Email To Keep Deliverability?

    Hi I've configured DKIM, DMARC, SPF. I've also configured a catchall for the domain on cpanel, so anything sent to the domain will be received. I want to now delete my emails in cpanel. 1) Will that impact delivability? 2) I can still send from a specific email using Elastic Email. Just...
  16. Alex Read

    Weird Spoofing Alert

    Hi I'm getting this alert in my inbox from emails that are sent from my own G Suite account. Any idea what could be causing this? Alex
  17. Alex Read

    Email Previews To Show Subject Lines & Pre-Headers

    Hi Feature Request 1: When you preview an email, you can only see the body copy. It would be awesome if you could also see the subject line & pre-header in the preview. Feature Request 2: Please allow us to add a column for the subject line. When reviewing an auto-responder series of 20...
  18. Alex Read

    How Do You Bulk Update Status Of Subscribers?

    I have lots of subscribers who got moved to another list. How do I bulk move them back and update their status? (See attached)
  19. Alex Read

    Importing Entries From A WebHook

    Hi Is it possible to add entries via a webhook? I'm using Brandquiz. Here is the info they have about webhooks: Can anybody help with what I'd need to insert in the attached image to pass through entries? Many thanks Alex
  20. Alex Read

    How Do You Bulk Edit Custom Fields?

    Hi I want to update a bunch of existing subscribers. I want to update a custom field to a set value. Is there an easy way to do this without exporting & re-importing? Alex