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  2. Rob

    What is the best and cheapest MW friendly vps hosts?

    Try or However you won't be able to use php 5.3 cli with 5.4 and you really should install 5.6.
  3. Rob

    EMA isn't sending an mail at all from fresh install

    In 90% of cases this will be because your VPS host is blocking port 25. Check with them to see what their default settings are.
  4. Rob

    SendGrid settings not work
  5. Rob

    SendGrid settings not work

    That just sends me to your login page
  6. Rob

    Credit mail to customer

    Use the "quotas" for customers.
  7. Rob

    transaction email

    Can you be a little clearer as to what your issue is?
  8. Rob

    SendGrid settings not work

    Use the Sendgrid web API in MW, it's more efficient.
  9. Rob

    403 Error Access Denied

    Your SMTP server is likely to be behind a firewall which is refusing connections. You either need to create a firewall rule which allows access from your MW IP address or ask your hosting provider to do it.
  10. Rob

    about Import subscribers

    Which network? Your network, your servers network or just browsing away from the import page? Please be more specific. It isn't a bug its what you are doing I guarantee you. The import feature works fine used in the right way.
  11. Rob

    about Import subscribers

    What do you mean by
  12. Rob

    Alternative MTA - MailerQ

    I can only provide support via this forum, it helps others as well in the future. Advice on what server you should get is starting to get quite involved. I'll post something tomorrow however if you search the forum you can find a post a did about a server spec.
  13. Rob

    Alternative MTA - MailerQ

    Did they indeed!! When you say you can't figure out setup are you referring to MailerQ? You need to give me details of your servers, OS etc. Whether or not you have both private and public IPs. All you are looking to do is use it as an SMTP server from MW.
  14. Rob

    [TEST CAMPAIGN] in subject line

    You are better off just running a campaign which you only send to a list with one or two addresses in it. That way you can see if everything is working properly.
  15. Rob

    Amazon SES authentication issue

    In Backend > Settings > Common you can choose which one to use. Check you have Openssl installed, from the command line enter: openssl version
  16. Rob

    Amazon SES authentication issue

    Just another thought which came to mind, PHP version might be causing the issue ;)
  17. Rob

    Amazon SES authentication issue

    @Ron it is.
  18. Rob

    new domain suffixes (do they work)

    @twisted1919 I am.
  19. Rob

    Amazon SES authentication issue

    @Ron I would take @twisted1919 up on that offer, we could be here for a very long time ;)
  20. Rob

    new domain suffixes (do they work)

    OK, in that case it is a bit weird. I've just done a quick test on a couple of lists and I didn't see that error. I used a .email & .build suffix. Can you try a different list and see what happens? Are you seeing the error when using the list subscribe URL similar to this...