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    Linked images / reverse proxy

    Hello, We have an issue with linked images with the following setup: Machine A is a reverse proxy. It is accessible from Internet. Machine B hosts Mailwizz. It is not accessible from Internet. System urls are as follows: API: http://MACHINEA/newsletter/api/index.php Customer...
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    Bind suppression list to a list

    Hello, We would like to bind a suppression list to a particular list. Would it be possible to implement such a functionnality ? Thanks
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    Email box monitors & settings priority

    Hello, I have an issue with email box monitors. When I set the option "How to identify subscribers" to "by email address", it works. But when I set it to "by subscriber uid", it does not. Do I have to put some tags in the template to make it work ? I have an other question about the "Delivery...
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    A few questions

    Dear all, I just bought a license for Mailwizz and did some testing around. I must say, its really a great tool. Thanks to the developpers ! Here are my questions. I already search around but didn't find any answers. In the template editor, you can add a block for social sharing. I noticed...