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    G Suite

    Does anyone in this forum know how to connect G Suite to MailWizz? Looking to use G Suite as my SMTP. Thanks
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    Can't Validate Server

    When I try to validate the server for Sendgrid I receive that attached message. Please let me know what the problem could be? Thanks
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    Remove from Domain

    How do I go about removing MailWizz from my main domain since I installed it on a subdomain? Do I just remove the folder that I created in the public_html and remove the cron jobs? Thanks in advance...
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    Are there any other people out there having an issue downloading the 1.8.9 version of the software? I was able to download the 1.8.3 version with no problems.
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    Install on subdomain...

    @twisted1919 I'm looking to move my install from my domain to a subdomain using the same hosting. In my attempt to install for some reason I'm unable to connect to MailWizz Installer (as this also happened to me with the initial installation). All the files look to be in the right place in the...
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    Moving To Another Domain

    Is it possible to remove MailWizz from one domain and set it up on another without having to purchase it again?
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    Time Zone Change

    Do you have to change the time zone before sending each campaign? I only want to send using EST...
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    Sending Time

    @twisted1919 I set up a campaign that was supposed to have been sent out today 11/18 at 10:10 am EST. The records show that the mailings were sent, not sure at what time, but those details have not shown up inside of Sendgrid. Can you think of a particular reason why this may have happened and...
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    @twisted1919 how do I go about uploading a bulk email list? Do I have to create the campaign first before that is possible? Could I upload multiple bulk email lists to 1 campaign?
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    Change From: Name

    How does one go about changing the From: name of emails in the frontend of the platform?
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    Setting Up MailWizz

    I'm having an issue setting up MailWizz to my website. I have followed the steps that are explained in the MailWizz install video, but I'm missing something. I've created a new folder within public_html within the cPanel of my website, uploaded the files to that folder from the latest file...
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    Unable to Download Software...

    I just newly purchased MailWizz and I'm unable to download the software from the sip file. I've downloaded the link a few times and none of them will actually open. Can someone help me out... Thank you in advance...