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  1. Joseph Ollero

    Blacklisted in "List Subscribers" but Confirmed in "Update Existing List Subscriber"

    Hi, I a strange scenario in my subscribers data. Checking the "List subscribers" page, I can see the email has the status of "blacklisted" But when I "Update existing list subscriber" page, it's marked as confirmed. How is that possible and how I can change it back to confirm? Thanks in...
  2. Joseph Ollero

    CSV Import Process: Basis for checking if email is blacklisted

    Hi, During the live CSV import process, sometimes mailwizz would tell us that it will not import the email because it's blacklisted. With that in mind, what does mailwizz use as the basis of the blacklist information? What table in the database? mw_list_subscriber? mw_email_blacklist? Thanks...
  3. Joseph Ollero

    "sync-lists-custom-fields" To Specific Lists Only

    Hi, I understand that the "sync-lists-custom-fields" cron job creates the empty records for the custom fields. My question is, "Can we do this for specific Lists only"?. The reason we'd like to avoid this is to save on database space as we have a very big database. Thanks in advance for any...
  4. Joseph Ollero

    Upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.7.2

    Hi, I have this old Mailwizz implementation. Would there be an issue if I upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.7.2? Thanks!
  5. Joseph Ollero

    Domain policies + Deny + Open Rates

    Hi, I need a little help on a particular scenario. My main question is -- will the blocked emails (via domain policies deny domain) cause a negative effect on my Open Rate? Meaning it will be counted as unable to send? 1. I have an existing campaign that is already sending 2. I paused the...
  6. Joseph Ollero

    Mailwizz and

    Hi, We've set up some FBLs in to answer some flagging issues we are getting. I still don't have a deep verification but I get the feeling that the reported email addresses in the returnPath FBL is not being unsubscribed. With that said, I do have a couple of questions to...
  7. Joseph Ollero

    Click Zone

    Hi, Does mailwizz have a Click Zone feature? It's where we can see what what specific area in the mailer has the most clicks. If not, is there an extension for that? Thanks a lot! Regards, Joseph
  8. Joseph Ollero

    Heat Maps On Shared Campaign Stats

    Is it possible to also view the Heat Maps on Shared campaign stats? Thanks a lot!
  9. Joseph Ollero

    Campaign without Additional Email Headers

    Is it possible to send a particular campaign in Mailwizz where there are no additional headers inside the email? I understand Mailwizz needs to insert them for different purposes (tracking, bounce checking, etc). However, I would like to make a campaign that is super simple like it was sent from...
  10. Joseph Ollero

    main-custom.php Header Prefix

    Does the header prefix in main-custom.php change everytime there is a new version of Mailwizz? If not, what dictates the prefix indicated there? ref: apps/common/config/main-custom.php
  11. Joseph Ollero

    Database getting too busy, any index suggestions?

    I've been noticing over time through our monitoring tools that the MySQL database of Mailwizz is getting a lot busy and often hogs the disk. Our implementation has grown to 9M subscribers spanning to 29 lists but only 300 campaigns. Is there any tested index suggestions out there specific to...
  12. Joseph Ollero

    Is there a feature in Mailwizz similar to a plugin in IEM called Multiple SMTP

    I understand that Mailwizz campaigns can select as many SMTPs as we want for each campaign. However, it seems that their not really in parallel. The campaign just changes SMTP when a particular limit is reached. My question is, is there a feature or plugin for Mailwizz that acts like Mobarak's...
  13. Joseph Ollero

    Advanced Recurring scheduler -- how to properly schedule?

    There is something in the Advanced Recurring scheduler which I don't understand but maybe you can help me out. I scheduled an email to be sent at 5pm. I set "Every Day at 17:00" The first send was sent on time. The schedule automatically created was set at 1AM in the morning the next day. Did...
  14. Joseph Ollero

    Transactional Emails -- how do we use this feature?

    What is the process of using this feature? What practical (native) applications can we use this on? Thanks!
  15. Joseph Ollero

    [ADD] - Added "suppression-list-import" command

    I'm interesting in checking this feature out. How does it work? Can we use this per list? Thanks!
  16. Joseph Ollero

    Recurring Import Feature

    Just setting this thread up so I can some insights on how to best work this. Based on the feature description, this would be a very good tool. It should allow us to just generate an updated file and have mailwizz import it. Very useful in updating lists. Anyone here currently using this?
  17. Joseph Ollero

    Date comparison not working on segments

    I have a date custom field. I'm trying to use it for a date range comparison on segments. For some reason I cannot make it work. Anyone know how to use Date custom fields on segments? Thanks!
  18. Joseph Ollero

    Change [Test Template] on subject line

    Is it possible to change the phrase [Test Template] on the subject line whenever we do test send? Thanks!
  19. Joseph Ollero

    New IP License Purchase aside from CodeCanyon

    Hi. Is there a cheaper way to purchase an additional MailWizz license aside from code canyon. Maybe direct?
  20. Joseph Ollero

    Mailwizz and Dyn Delivery Server

    I'm trying to setup a Dyn based SMTP server. I was happy to see that MailWizz supports Dyn through API natively. However, I;m getting an error message when doing the validation on the delivery server. Error in cURL request: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate Does...