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    Delivery server for agency

    I'm in a similar boat and just asked AWS for an increase from 50k/day to 100k/day. I was very upfront with them in detailing our instant/automated processes for dealing with bounces and complaints and emphasized that the client lists we were taking on had been mailed to for months or years on an...
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    We have a new website!

    I've been doing marketing professionally for 30 years and I can say: This is just outstanding. Great mix of tools, fantastic refresh on the site. Now... let's get you to 20k sales, @twisted1919 !
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    Multiple small issues -- seeking wisdom (or a consultant!)

    I've had good -- well, fantastic, really -- luck with Mailwizz connected to SES. I really can't say enough good things about the software. But my efforts with home-grown Postfix servers haven't been successful. Hoping someone can clarify my questions or message me about fixing things on a...
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    Need DKIM fix and Postfix setup review

    Fastest, easiest money you'll make this week! I need: * A Debian 9 instance of Postfix reviewed. Server works, but we have some unusual settings in our file (slow-rolling mail to the big consumer inboxes and blocking all outbound mail to some domains) that I want reviewed by someone...
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    Odd X-sender behavior

    When setting up a plain-vanilla SMTP server (Postfix) as a delivery server in Mailwizz, I'm finding that although I indicate as the FROM address when no other address is supplied for the campaign, I'm seeing an X-Sender header as follows: (This is the email address I've...
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    Deliverability and Razor2 - any ideas?

    After sending about 20k emails on a server that was previously 10/10 with no issues, we're now getting dinged by Razor2. We're still scoring 6.8/10 but I want to get that score up. I know that, since it's a distributed, hash-based system, there's no real way to reach out to someone and get...
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    Looking for someone to set up two Postal MTAs

    What I need: two MTA servers set up from scratch with Postal. You'd get newly spun-up VPS servers and root logins to work with. The servers ( and will be fed by Mailwizz at the root of the domain ( on another server. The MTAs will only ever be...
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    What sort/order order does Mailwizz send a campaign in?

    See, this is why I love the product -- smart stuff like this! Thanks!
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    Multiple server use for a single mailwizz license

    Hi Ladi -- if you mean multiple SMTP servers, that's handled by setting each server up in Mailwizz and allocating a percentage of your traffic to it. If you want to use the Mailwizz software yourself on multiple computers? I am certain the license doesn't allow that.
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    What sort/order order does Mailwizz send a campaign in?

    Does the platform take the list in the order it was imported or sort by domain for more efficient SMTP connections or something else? (I'm looking to avoid having any single domain feel like they're getting hit by dozens of emails at once.) Thanks! Truly awesome product!
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    Does import overwrite existing list subscribers or append to them?

    Headline says it all: If I have list X with 100 subscribers and a CSV file with 100 more that I want to add, is the correct method: * Import them into the existing list; any duplicates will be removed and existing subscribers won't be touched OR * Export the existing list, merge them in...
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    Blacklist basic question

    Hi there -- a basic question on blacklist functionality: I assume that if I'm importing a list and subsequently add an address on that list to the blacklist, then mail to that address won't go out? Is that correct? Many thanks in advance
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    What kind of horsepower do I need to send 18k emails with 4mb attachments?

    Done! Thanks for the input! Yeah, I know -- not how we'd normally do things at all, but it's a report that prior testing indicates is more likely to be read as an attachment. Probably my only saving grace here is that every inbox on the list is gov/nonprofit; I won't hurt my reputation with...
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    What kind of horsepower do I need to send 18k emails with 4mb attachments?

    I'm operating a hub server with 8GB of RAM and virtually no other processes, feeding two SMTP servers that are little 1GB/RAM VPS units. I really don't want these to take forever to send, so I'm wondering: Is the best option to add SMTP servers or expand the RAM on the existing servers? Or am I...
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    Who do you like for US-based VPS hosting?

    One of problem with political email is that the complaint rate can run high, even with opt-in. I am worried about setting up a multi-SMTP-server solution and having my Mailwizz server suddenly disappear because some VPS vendor decided they got one complaint too many. So, my question: In your...